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Elective Abroad: Physician Assistant Program

An Experience of a Lifetime

Elective Abroad Physician Assistant Program Details

Elective Abroad is a leading organizer of medical elective placements in Africa. We have been working with teaching hospitals, rural hospitals and community health centers in Africa to provide current and aspiring medical and healthcare students a rare opportunity for a hands-on learning experience, cultural exchange, and medical volunteering in Africa.

We have programs specifically tailored for both Physicians Assistants/newly graduated doctors and residency doctors. The Physician Assistant program is best suited for the PA’s would like to polish up on their clinical skills by having as much hands-on experience.

Additionally, it’s a good way to squeezing in some travel prior to starting the hectic life of being a doctor. The residents program is geared towards doctors in residency looking to fulfill an away elective requirement or just to volunteer their skills to underserved communities while experiencing healthcare in a different setting.

Elective Abroad Program Highlights: 

  •  A supervised, structured and safe elective program abroad.
  • Program is designed in an established network of teaching hospitals and monitored by consultant doctors and registered nurses .
  • We evaluate our participants during and at the end of the program (please seeour information booklet for our evaluation form) to ensure that program objectives are met.
  • Opportunity for hands-on experience is unmatched; depending on level of clinical exposure, our participants get extensive hands-on experience in a supervised setting. Participants also get a chance to see both different types of diseases and cases at advanced stages, that they rarely see in the developed world.
  • We have strong relationships with hospitals in which we place our participants and the doctors that they work with,ensuring a very productive experience.
  • Participants acquire an invaluable opportunity to work in a low resource setting which supports character development and benefits thelocal community

Elective Abroad Program Objectives

Elective Abroad’s medical students’ program objectives are designed to provide participants with opportunities to enhance the various components of their medical education in a clinical setting and with extensive hands‐on experience that they would not get in their own countries. Our program objectives adopts the Accredited Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competencies framework.

Patient Care

Our program places a strong emphasis on developing the competence of our graduates in patient care. This involves fostering the ability to provide compassionate, effective, and evidence-based care to patients across a diverse range of medical conditions.

Through hands-on clinical experiences and simulation training, our residents learn to assess, diagnose, and manage patient needs with a focus on individualized and patient-centered approaches. The goal is to instill a commitment to the highest standards of clinical care, emphasizing patient safety, empathy, and collaboration within interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

Medical Knowledge

The acquisition and application of medical knowledge are fundamental components of our program. We strive to equip our residents with a deep understanding of basic and clinical sciences, ensuring a solid foundation for clinical decision-making and problem-solving..

Our curriculum integrates the latest advances in medical research, technology, and evidence-based medicine to keep our graduates at the forefront of medical knowledge. Through a combination of didactic sessions, case-based learning, and research opportunities, residents are challenged to continuously expand their medical knowledge throughout their training.

Practice-Based Learning

Practice-based learning is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Residents are encouraged to actively engage in self-directed learning, critically appraise their own clinical performance, and identify areas for improvement. Regular feedback from faculty, peer collaboration, and reflective practice are integral components of this competency.

We foster an environment where residents embrace a commitment to lifelong learning, staying abreast of emerging medical literature and evolving healthcare practices to continually enhance the quality of their patient care.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Effective communication is paramount in healthcare, and our program emphasizes the development of strong interpersonal and communication skills. Residents learn to communicate complex medical information clearly and empathetically to patients, families, and other healthcare professionals.

Through role-playing, mentorship, and direct patient interaction, residents refine their abilities to establish rapport, navigate challenging conversations, and work collaboratively within interdisciplinary teams, ensuring optimal patient care outcomes.


Professionalism is a core value instilled in our residents throughout their training. Our program emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior, integrity, and accountability in all aspects of medical practice. Residents are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct, including respect for patient autonomy, cultural sensitivity, and a dedication to upholding the principles of medical ethics.

By cultivating a culture of professionalism, we aim to graduate physicians who are not only clinically competent but also exemplify the highest ethical standards.

Systems-Based Practice

Understanding and navigating the complexities of healthcare systems are crucial aspects of modern medical practice. Our program equips residents with the knowledge and skills to engage in systems-based practice, addressing the broader context in which patient care is delivered. This includes an awareness of healthcare policies, resource utilization, and advocacy for patient welfare.

Through exposure to healthcare management principles and quality improvement initiatives, residents are prepared to contribute to the enhancement of healthcare delivery systems and promote positive changes for the benefit of their patients and communities.

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