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Welcome to Elective Abroad's Comprehensive Pricing Guide

At Elective Abroad, we are committed to transparency and providing competitive pricing for our elective medical programs. We understand the significance of your medical education, and our goal is to facilitate enriching experiences for medical students across diverse destinations. Below, we present a meticulous breakdown of our program costs, ensuring you have all the details needed to make an informed decision about your elective journey.

Destinations and Program Durations

Explore the world of medical learning with Elective Abroad across various captivating destinations. Tailor your experience to your academic and personal needs by choosing from the following program durations:

Prices Table

wdt_ID DESTINATIONS One Week Two Weeks Three Weeks Four Weeks Five Weeks Six Weeks Extra Cost Per Week
1 Arusha, Tanzania $2050 $2400 $2750 $3100 $3450 $3800 $445
2 Mombasa, Kenya $2000 $2350 $2700 $3050 $3400 $3750 $425
3 Nairobi, Kenya $1950 $2300 $2650 $3000 $3350 $3700 $450
4 Malindi, Kenya $1900 $2250 $2600 $2950 $3300 $3650 $410
5 Iloilo, Philippines $2150 $2500 $2850 $3200 $3550 $3900 $450
DESTINATIONS One Week Two Weeks Three Weeks Four Weeks Five Weeks Six Weeks Extra Cost Per Week

Program Duration Options

Our elective medical programs are designed to accommodate various schedules and preferences. Choose the duration that aligns with your academic calendar and personal goals. Whether you opt for a one-week immersion or an extended six-week experience, we offer flexibility to suit your needs.

Extra Cost Per Week

For those seeking a more extended experience beyond six weeks, please note the additional costs per week based on your chosen destination. This ensures that your elective program aligns seamlessly with your desired timeframe.

Inclusive Experience with Elective Abroad 

At Elective Abroad, we go beyond the numbers. Here's what sets our elective medical programs apart:
  1. Holistic Learning: Our programs integrate clinical exposure, cultural immersion, and personal growth, providing a well-rounded educational experience. 
  2.  Expert Guidance: Benefit from the mentorship of experienced professionals who are dedicated to enhancing your learning journey.
  3. Diverse Destinations: Explore various cultures and medical practices, gaining a global perspective on healthcare.

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