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Elective Abroad is a leading organizer of medical elective placements in Africa. We have been working for over 10 years with teaching hospitals, rural hospitals and community health centers in Africa to provide current and aspiring medical and healthcare students a rare opportunity for a hands‐on learning experience, cultural exchange, and medical volunteering in Africa. 

We have programs specifically tailored for both senior and junior medical students based on the specialty they decide to rotate through.

Elective Abroad Program Highlights 

  1. A supervised, structured, and safe elective program abroad
  2. The program is designed in an established teaching hospital network and monitored by consultant doctors and registered nurses. We encourage clinical directors and student co-coordinators to work with us to customize an elective experience that meets unique institutional requirements
  3. We evaluate our participants during and at the end of the program (please see the information booklet for our evaluation form) to ensure that program objectives are met
  4. Opportunity for hands-on experience is unmatched; depending on the level of study and clinical exposure, our participants get extensive hands‐on experience in a supervised setting 
  5.  We have strong relationships with hospitals where we place our students and the doctors they work with, ensuring a very productive experience.
  6. The students acquire an invaluable opportunity to work in a low-resource setting which supports character development and benefits the local community 

Pre-Med Program, Kenya and Tanzania
Embark on a transformative journey with our Pre-Med Program in the captivating landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania. Departing from the conventional, our program offers a unique and immersive experience designed to prepare aspiring medical professionals for the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic field of medicine.
Pre-dentistry/ dental & dentistry program
Immerse yourself in the world of healthcare through our Nursing Elective Program. Designed for nursing students eager to expand their practical skills and cultural competence, this program offers a hands-on learning experience in real healthcare settings. Step into the diverse and dynamic field of nursing, gaining insights that extend beyond the classroom.
Surgical Oncology Program
Embark on a profound journey in the field of Surgical Oncology with our specialized program, meticulously designed to shape the next generation of surgical oncologists. Far beyond traditional classroom learning, our program is a gateway to hands-on experiences, cutting-edge research, and compassionate patient care.
Oral and Maxillary Program
The Oral and Maxillofacial Program is a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.
Pediatric Medical Program
Our Pediatric Medical Program is designed to cultivate compassionate and competent healthcare professionals with a specialized focus on pediatric medicine.
Elective Abroad: Nursing Program
Our nursing program is designed for nursing students in nursing programs at accredited colleges and universities.
Elective Abroad: Medical Student Program
We have programs specifically tailored for both senior and junior medical students based on the specialty they decide to rotate through.
Medical student taking notes in hallway
Elective Abroad: New Doctor and Physician Program
We have programs specifically tailored for both newly graduated doctors and residency doctors. The newly graduated doctor program is best suited for doctors who have finished medical school and would like to polish up on their clinical skills prior to commencing residency.
Elective Abroad: Physician Assistant Program
We have programs specifically tailored for both physician assistants/newly graduated doctors and residency doctors. The Physician Assistant program is best suited for the PA’s would like to polish up their clinical skills by having as much hands-on experience.
Elective Abroad: Surgery Elective Program
Given the integrated management in most hospitals in developing countries and the limited resources and healthcare staffing constraints, students will have vast exposure to various surgical disciplines as they rotate through the hospital during their placement.

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